Tanxedoira Association was born on January 26, 1978 in the parish of Santa Maria de Oza, although not legally constituted until 30 April 1988. Initially, it occupied the parish premises but quickly came to settle in Monelos Avenue nº 75, after a brief stay in a local office of the Oza-Soto Neighbourhood Association. Forced to leave its home on Monelos Avenue, the Association conducted its activities for about year and a half in the Castrillón Social Services Center.

Until 2004, Tanxedoira Association conducted its activities in social premises located in the basement of Elviña?s Market, in the street Miguel González Garcés, unnumbered. This place was inaugurated by the ex-mayor Francisco Vázquez. During the demolition of the old market, the activities were performed at the Monelos Civic Center. Currently, the Association is based in Barrio das Flores, Azahar street 6-8 1st Floor- left.

The activities of the Association are offered to a total of 250 families who are members of the organization, but are also addressed to anyone who wishes to attend. This Association has no profit, so none of the instructors receive benefits by imparting the activities carried out. Equally, none of the students have to pay to attend.

Since its legalization, this entity grew in every way. Today, we operate throughout the province of A Coruña and for all citizens, whatever their age. For that we have an enthusiastic group of people who develop a series of varied activities. They are instructors, aged 18 to 60, who offer activities such as:

  • Painting
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Rondalla
  • Choir
  • Bobbin lace ? Sewing work
  • Mandolin - Lute
  • Adult Acting Theater
  • Improvisational Theater
  • Dance
  • Indoor football
  • Accordion

In addition to these activities, taking place during all of the school year throughout the week, there are other specific activities that are carried out every year for various reasons: excursions, exhibitions, contests (poetry, photography...), meals, twinning , commemorative festivals ..

Tanxedoira?s Rondalla and Choir are the two of the most representative formations of the entity, which recorded their work all over Galicia, achieving significant victories in contests and competitions in which they were submitted. Previously, the extinct group of white voices Aloumiño Choir and subsequent Xuvenil Tanxedoira participated repeatedly in carols contest that were organized by the City Council of A Coruña, getting multiple times first prizes. The company also had for several years a theater group called Carauta, which also won prizes in competitions in which they appeared.

The theatre group Xiria, whose plays were performed throughout the province, conducted its rehearsals performs in our old premises of Elviña?s Market. This relationship continues today. In addition to this collaboration, the Tanxedoira?s Choir and Rondalla performances are held every year in various nursing homes in the city for the Christmas holidays. There are also partnerships between the parishes of San Juan Bautista, Santa Maria de Oza, La Milagrosa, Barrio de las Flores and the musical and theatrical groups of our Association.

Moreover, the Cultural Association Tanxedoira empowers public access to reading; owning a library that currently has more than 2000 volumes. Besides the usual loan service of books, for many years this library had a loan/donation service of textbooks for children whose economic situation did not allow them to buy.

As a novelty from 93/94, a monthly news magazine (the result of the expansion and improvement of existing newsletter) appears. It is distributed to all the associates thanks to the cooperation of a group of volunteers. Many of these bulletins have to be distributed by post mail, as they belong to areas that cannot come with manual or electronic distribution.

Today we try to reach the greatest number of people using all means at our disposal. We have an email (ACTanxedoira@Tanxedoira.org), a daily updated website (www.Tanxedoira.org), and a blog (http://tanxedoira.blogspot.com.es). In addition, we also have a clear presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube). And, of course, we use instant messaging through Telegram, informing through the channel (@TanxedoiraInfo) and resolving doubts or consultations with Telegram (@Tanxedoira) or WhatsApp.

Remember also that a group of young people concerned about environmental issues founded the Nature Group Bubela, who organized many events: conferences, exhibitions, video viewing, hiking ... This group is currently inoperative.

Cultural Association Tanxedoira held for 15 years, a Rondalla Festival in collaboration with the city of A Coruña and the Provincial Council. In these festivals participated plectrum and pulse formations from all around Galicia.

In recent years we conducted a major challenge for sport: sport between associates. For it, we use the municipal facilities from Barrio das Flores and sports facilities of Monte das Moas high school (through the Ministry of Sports). In addition, we also organize five a side soccer Pablo Iglesias Trophy for children, always with remarkable success. Currently, we promote sports activities of various kinds, incorporating and echoing many other sports. In addition, we usually participate in those sporting events organized and promoted by other associations of the city.

Moreover, the Association has a theater group born in 2003-2004 at the Association?s Christmas Festival, in which a group of couples and friends decided to have fun and make their debut with the play Vecinos Ruidosos, with which they started to started to win the public?s favour. Since then, every year the theater group performs a play in collaboration with Hogueras de San Juan and also participates in the Annual Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco.

Similarly, the Association and all its members are open to altruistic collaborations with different groups (senior centers, economic Kitchen...), institutions (Caritas) or people who let us know about it, trying to promote the values ??that have led us so far.

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