The premises of the Cultural Association Tanxedoira are situated in the Barrio de las Flores, at 6-8, 1st left floor, Azahar street.

If you come by car, the easiest way to arrive is coming from the "rRnda de Camilo José Cela" and taking the 2nd turning on your left (if you come from Monelos Ave.) or taking the 2nd turning on your right (if you come from Matogrande). There is a passage up the avenue, on your left. There are our premises.

If you want to walk for a while, please follow directions as if you came by car or you can cross the Barrio de las Flores. The premises are downstairs on your right in the park of the Barrio de las Flores although you can also arrive by Orquídeas street (Gadis lane). Near the old outpatients? department, nowadays the Center for the Down?s Syndrome.

If you prefer to come by bus, take the 4 and get off at Din-Don Bar. You can also take the 1 or the 15 and get off at the first bus stop of Monelos Ave after the crossroads with Camilo José Cela.