Tanxedoira?s Choir was born under the aegis of Tanxedoira Association in 1986 under the initiative of Xulio Loureiro González. It started as a children's choir of white voices. At this time they began to show the first signs of artistic peculiarity, since the group included the flute, guitars, mandolins and percussion instruments as accompaniment.

The first artistic interests occurred in the festivals organized by the institution itself and its participation in music competitions, such as the fifth edition of children's song contest Cantareliña held in 1987; or the Carols contest from Council of A Coruña, where they won in consecutive years several first and second prizes. They also participated in several editions of the annual contest of carols Follas Novas, already as a child-youth choir, being the first such group to take part in the event. They participated for several years in the cultural circuits of the Provincial Council, and, of course, performed each year at festivals organized by the Tanxedoira Cultural Association, even in extraordinary circumstances, such as the Festival of Aid to Central America, organized in 98 to raise funds for the victims of hurricane Mitch.

They also performed throughout the province in countless acts of cultural associations and charities, in nursing homes and centers such as La Ciudad de los Muchachos, Arteixo.

In addition to these events, the continuous appearances through the cultural tours organized by the IMCE in collaboration with the city of A Coruña in different parts of the herculean city, must be named.

It is also necessary to emphasize the collaboration that the choir carries out every Christmas season, performs at various parishes since 2008, as is the case of Santa Maria de Oza or La Milagrosa, in Elviña. Moreover, since then they went to nursing homes, as Case in Zapateira.

In August 2010 the choir participated in the performance Dreams 2, held in the Coliseum of A Coruña, where they were entitled to perform up to five consecutive times.

In May 2012 they participated in Arteixo?s I Choir Festival at the Civic Center of that town. In the same month, the choir also travels to Cariño to perform at their end of term festival at the House of Culture.

In 2013 the Tanxedoira Association organized a meeting of choirs in the parish of Santa Maria de Oza with the occasion of its thirty-fifth anniversary. At this meeting attended the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum, the Children's and Youth Choir Cantabile and the Municipal School of Music.

In 2014 they participate in O Burgo in the Charitable Festival Juan Bonal.

In hands of its current director, David Loureiro González, the Choir Tanxedoira, which has 35 members ranging from age 8 to 80, while continuing with their normal activity and appearances at events organized by the Tanxedoira Cultural Association, also performed at a festival of carols organized by the Choir of Retirees and pensioners A Baiuca (Arteixo) in December 2014. They would return again to this village in May, to perform at the Café-Theatre Melandrainas.

Already in 2015, they were proposed to participate, in July, in a parade in the town of Vimianzo ( "In-cantos Taberna"), and then acting in his castle, during the Asalto ao Castelo Festivity. They also participated in that month in a performance at the church of Santiago de A Coruña in the framework of the Feira das Marabillas, in collaboration with the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum.

In December of that very same year, in addition to the traditional concert in the church of Santa María de Oza, the charity festival in which the Rondalla participates must be highlighted. The event was held with the cooperation of Caritas in the parish of San Luis Gozaga. The event was attended by hundreds of people and the goal was to collect food for the people in need during the Christmas season. Also by that time they went to Órdenes to perform in the House of Culture of the town with their Musical Band. Also, note the countless visits the choir always carries out at this time to nursing homes scattered throughout the town and its surroundings: Sanitas, Adcor, Santiago Apostle, Torrente Ballester, Oleiros nursing homes...

In 2016, they carried out collaboration with the parish of Barrio das Flores, performing in First Communions carried out during the months of May, June and July. In this June, they also participated in a parade organized by the Council of Arteixo to walk the streets during the festivities. The Choir of Pensioners of A Baiuca and the Choir Alcoa-Inespal also attended this event.

During the following years until today, the Tanxedoira choir continues to collaborate with the parish of the Barrio de las Flores in the celebration of communions, in addition to going to the different residences for the elderly of the city and the region, as is the case of Domus VI, The Work of the Lady, Santiago Apóstol, Father Rubinos, Ballesol, Sar Quavitae.

Also at Christmas 2016, the Tanxedoira choir collaborated in the festival that Cáritas organizes annually at the San Luis Gonzaga church, as well as carrying out a performance to celebrate Christmas at the Santa María de Oza church, which is so linked to the entity.

On May 20, 2017, the Tanxedoira choir was invited by the Santiago Apóstol de Lago Neighborhood Association (Valdoviño) to participate in the IV Mayos Festival. On November 19 of the same year, this group was invited to a festival in Atios (Porriño) organized by the Cultural Association The Guide.

In December of this same year, the choir participated in the celebration of the XL Anniversary of the Tanxedoira Association. To commemorate the date, the entity decided to hold a choir meeting in the church of the Third Order (A Coruña), where groups from all over Galicia gathered: Orfeón Xoán Montes (Lugo), Polyphonic Choir of Mera (A Coruña ) and Coral A Barcarola (Pontevedra).