Tanxedoira?s Rondalla was born under the aegis of the Parish of Santa Maria de Oza, in 1984, under the initiative of Xulio Loureiro González. Since its inception is framed in the Cultural Association Tanxedoira, and was formerly known as the parish: Santa Maria de Oza. There, they began to be companions of the Juan Vila?s Choir, while developing their instrumental vocation. Also during that time they started showing the first signs of artistic peculiarity, since the group included the flute as their characteristic instrument.

After the separation of Tanxedoira Association from the parish, the Rondalla experienced a remarkable boom in style, musical performances and wealth. Nowadays, there are about 20 people aged between 9 and 65, who play flutes, mandolins, guitars and varied percussion; a wide range of melodies of diverse origin, highlighting mainly in South American music, traditional Russian music, movie soundtracks and original compositions.

Tanxedoira?s Rondalla conducted countless performances by the Galician geography at the Colon and Rosalia de Castro Theatres on several occasions; Rondallas pageants in Padrón and Lorbé; Habaneras Festival in Coruña, accompanying the Hogar de Santa Margarita?s Choir; in Pablo Iglesias square, within the conference against drug addiction "No barrio hai alternativas"; or in Baio, invited by the Cultural Association Adro. In 95, we must highlight their performance in Rosalia de Castro Theatre, invited by Follas Novas Polyphonic Choir, in an act of support to the workers in the Military Hospital, and the offering to the Patron Saint of A Coruña.

They were present in the 150th Anniversary of the Circle of Craftsmen, in 96, and at the House of Culture of Valdoviño. They participated for years in the cultural circuits of the Provincial Council. Of course, they participated each year in festivals organized by the Cultural Association Tanxedoira, for example in Central American Relief Festival organized in 98, to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. In addition, they were invited several times by other musical organizations, among which the Carlos Seijo Association, from Betanzos, in its twentieth anniversary in the year 99.

In addition to these actions the continuous appearances must be added, through the cultural tours organized by the IMCE in collaboration with the city of A Coruña in different parts of the Herculean city: Municipal Civic centers, Fernández Latorre school, Ventorrillo?s Sports Pavilion, Circle of Craftsmen, State Library Miguel González-Garcés ... since 94.

This Rondalla is remarkable for being pioneer in organizing rondallas meetings in Galicia. Among these events City A Coruña Rondallas Festival, which Tanxedoira?s Rondalla held for several years, must be highlighted.

In May 2008 they participated in the commemoration of the Marian Year Daughters of Mary Immaculate, in the church of Santo Domingo de A Coruña. In September of that same year they performed at the festival Son de Noite, organized by the Department of Culture of A Coruña and held in Plaza das Bárbaras. In December, on the occasion of the XXV anniversary of the group, there was a performance at the Forum Metropolitano; held to honor all its members and exmembers who passed through the Rondalla.

In August 2009 they participated in the Santiago Apóstol IX Choirs and Rondallas International Competition, organized by the Art Society La Troya, in Ourense, where they won the third prize.

In May 2010 they perform, along with the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum, at the Civic Center of Los Rosales and the Fonseca meeting of Music, in Coruña, performing a repertoire of medieval and Renaissance music between the two groups, which had already developed previously in 2009 during the Feira of Marabillas of the city, in the church of Santo Domingo. In December 2010, they gave closing to a cycle of performances that began in May, in collaboration with the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum, at a ceremony held in Rosalia de Castro?s Theare. This very same month they also participate in the VIII Meeting of Rondallas in Fontecarmoa Cultural Center (Vilagarcía).

In January 2011 is remarkable the participation of Tanxedoira?s Rondalla in the inauguration of Oza?s Park, required by the Mayor Javier Losada. In July, they participate in Feira das Marabillas of A Coruna, by the hand of the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum.

In 2012 they take part in the end of term festival organized in Cariño?s House of Culture.

It is also worth noting their collaboration with other centers, such as the parish of La Milagrosa and the nursing home María Teresa Jornet, among others, both from A Coruña, where they usually go during holidays such as Christmas.

In 2013 this Rondalla participated in the thirty-fifth anniversary of the entity, so the Tanxedoira Cultural Association held a meeting of rondallas at the Os Mallos Civic Center (A Coruña), with the participation of Semente Nova and the Rondalla of Casa de Aragón. In September, the Rondalla reaches its thirty years of existence, so, in November, a meeting was organized to celebrate this anniversary with the Group A. C. Rondalla Vila das Pontes and the Association of Cantareiras IAR.

In 2014, the Rondalla participates in a performance held in the ÁGORA in the Festival of Short Films "Por el amor al arte." In the same year they participate in the Juan Bonal Charitable Festival, in O Burgo.

In hands of its current director, David Loureiro González, the Rondalla, while continuing with their normal activity and appearances at events organized by the Tanxedoira Cultural Association, also performed at a festival of carols organized by the Choir of Retirees and pensioners A Baiuca (Arteixo) in December 2014. They would return again to this village in May, to perform at the Café-Theatre Melandrainas.

They also performed in July 2015 at the church of Santiago of A Coruña in the framework of the Feira das Marabillas, in collaboration with the Polyphonic Choir Canticorum. In December of that very same year, in addition to the traditional concert in the church of Santa María de Oza, the charity festival in which the Rondalla participates must be highlighted. The event was held with the cooperation of Caritas in the parish of San Luis Gozaga. The event was attended by hundreds of people and the goal was to collect food for the people in need during the Christmas season. Also by that time they went to Órdenes to perform in the House of Culture of the town with their Musical Band.

In addition to participating in the festivals organized by the Cultural Association Tanxedoira, in 2016 it returns to participate in the solidarity festival organized by Cáritas in the Coruña parish of San Luis Gonzaga, to collect non-perishable food. He also performs at the church Santa María de Oza, with which he has many affectionate acts, to celebrate the Christmas festivity.

On May 20, 2017, Rondalla Tanxedoira was invited by the Santiago Apóstol de Lago Neighborhood Association (Valdoviño) to participate in the IV Mayos Festival.

In December of 2017 he participates in the III Solidarity Festival of Cáritas. And already in 2018, in the context of the commemoration of the XL Anniversary of the Tanxedoira Association, participated in a contest of rondallas from all Galicia held at the Civic Center of the Mallos. Among these groups participated the Carlos Seijo (Betanzos), Rondalla Latexos (Foz) and Rondalla Alecrín (Ourense).

As the culmination of this act of celebration carried out by the entity throughout the year 2018, on June 16 of this year highlights the performance of the Rondalla Tanxedoira in the Ágora Center, where also participated the Coral Atios (O Porriño), Rondalla New Generation of Barbadás (Ourense) and Os Rueiriños of San Pedro de Nós (A Coruña).