Tanxedoira?s Theatre Group was born in 2003-2004 at Tanxedoira?s End of Term Festival, in which a group of couples and friends decide to have fun. They made their debut with the play Vecinos Ruidosos, starting to get the smiles and favour of the audience.

In 2006 they performed the zarzuela La Dolorosa at the Forum Metropolitano, with playback music and with the collaboration of Casa de Aragón Jotas group, from A Coruña. In October of that very same year they performed this play in the Rosalia de Castro theater, on the occasion of the International Day of Elderly People.

In June 2009 re-rendered this zarzuela in Dominicos? School in the program Hogueras de San Juan. In the same month they performed La tabernera del puerto in Calvo Sotelo?s shool, representing it in 2010 at the Forum Metropolitano within the program Hogueras de San Juan.

In May 2011 premiered its new comedy production, Jorge Llopis?s Enriqueta sí, Enriqueta No, at the Forum Metropolitano, under the L Anniversary of Hogueras de San Juan.

During 2012 the group performed their latter work in the XIII Amateur Theater Exhibition of Arteixo at the Civic Center of this town and in the XV Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco, held at the Calvo Sotelo Center (A Coruña).

In May 2012 they performed at the Forum Metropolitano, once again within the program hogueras de San Juan, the play La ciudad no es para mi, with the collaboration of the Casa de Aragón Jotas group.

In May 2013, coinciding with the XXXV anniversary of the Cultural Association Tanxedoira and the X Tanxedoira?s Theatre Group, they premiered at Os Mallos Civic Center an anthology of their best plays, which is entitled Pinceladas de humor. This piece was displayed later in the program Hogueras de San Juan at the Forum Metropolitano.

In this year they also participated in the XVI Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco with the play La ciudad no es para mi.

During 2014 they participated in the Charitable Festival Juan Bonal and te Short Film Competition "Por Amor al Arte" with Pinceladas de Humor. This year, they performed the play Los ladrones somos gente honrada, in the program Hogueras de San Juan, in Sagrada Familia?s Social Centre, and in the XVII Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco, at Calvo Sotelo?s school.

In 2015 they presented two new plays: first, Mi mujer es el fontanero, which premiered in the program of Hogueras de San Juan, it was also performed at the XVIII Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco and the Cafe-Theater Melandrainas (Arteixo); and the second one, Usted puede ser un asesino, which premiered in the XVIII Amateur Theatre Contest Candilejas-Don Bosco. They also had the great pleasure of performing, in July, at the Colon Theatre.

During the year 2016, they represent the work "And who orders us to do theater?" in the Don Bosco Candilejas Contest and in the Sagrada Familia Social Center within the Hogueras 2016 program. They also had the pleasure of representing it in the Schools of Santaballa (Lugo)

In the year 2017 they represent the work "Hoy todo es lios" at the Amateur theater show Don Bosco and also at the Hogueras program.

The Tanxedoira Theater Group has also represented several fragments of their works in different Third Age Wool Centers, such as, Padre Rubinos Residence, Sar-Quavitae (Matogrande), El Remanso Residence, Caritas Day Center, La Obra de la Lady, Orpea Residence, Sanitas Residence, Caser Residence.

In the year 2018 they represent Zarzuela "Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente" in the "Hogueras 2018" program at the Sagrada Familia Social Center; at the Theater Contest of the 40th anniversary of Tanxedoira, at the Civic Center of Los Mallos; in the Center of multiple services of the Burgo within the "Beneficial Festival Juan Bonal" and, finally, in the theater of the Ágora Center of A Coruña.